What to Expect

If you decide you’d like to meet in person, or schedule a video session, here’s what comes next.

The first time we meet or talk online will be different from the rest of our time together. There will be more questions, and like the first time you meet anyone, it can sometimes feel a bit awkward but we'll get through it. We’ll talk about what brought you to counselling, and what’s going on for you, and we’ll talk about things like benefits, and your budget for counselling, and what we think we can reasonably accomplish together with the resources you already have and the things I can help you learn.

What happens from there will be mostly up to you and of course about the things that got you here in the first place, and eventually, where you’re going next with whatever is most challenging right now.

I have a knack for helping you connect what you’re capable of, and I’m a straight shooter – and I will always encourage you to use your best parts to grow and learn from whatever it is that’s in your way. Therapy is not an easy fix; like anything from writing an essay, to fixing a car, you have to work at it. How often is up to you. We can talk about what works best when we meet.

For more info about my experience and areas of practice, you can read here and here

To send me a message, you can click here or send a text to 604-345-4880